Welcome to our page to see what we have done and what we are up to currently

BLAX was initially established in 2001 and has transformed since this time with various name changes and types of work undertaken. While in general our core business work has been vegetation we have at times undertaken major projects in various parts of Australia. For example the following will give an idea of our broad capability.

1. Holsworthy Army Base remediation of 200,000 tonnes of earth waste contaminated with grenades, bombs and various other materials. this was separated with techniques never undertaken in Australia in 2004 and we had set a bench mark for this type of work.

2. Defence site at Lithgow NSW and as a first in Australia we carried out the 1st chemical weapon remediation to ever be done. Again this project set the bench mark for this type of work in 2009. In 2011 we were also involved in the remediation of the 2nd chemical weapon project to be undertaken in Australia near Miles Qld

3. Between 2006 and 2014 we were contractors to Energy Australia and were successful in being able to provide access to assets that were previously locked up due to environment restrictions. These projects allowed communities to have more successful power connections and shorter down time in the event of emergencies or storms.

4. Between 2014 and present we varied the activities to adjust to market demand and purchased a horizontal grinder. This resulted in our work expanding to tier 1 companies who required clearing for roads, dams and airports as well as our usual customers who carried out civil works and required our services regularly.

5. 2020 has been a year to remember or one that we may like to forget. Our work load has comprised of the following and we are proud participants of some of Australia most important projects.

a) The fires of 2019/2020 required a lot of commitment with resources to aid the reliability of electrical networks on the east coast of NSW. Since 2019 to present we have cleared fire damaged trees from northern NSW to the Victorian border. It is estimated that we have improved safety and reliability of over 1000km of power lines in the last 12 months. We are very proud of the safety record and our quality of work during this time

b) Western Sydney Airport. The site is in excess of 1000 hectares. Of this the vegetated area was spread out over 200 hectares and required multiple dozers, harvesters, excavators and grinders. The project is almost complete with some variation work still to occur in 2021. We are really proud of the employees and subcontractors who worked on the project and would like to thank them for achievement with a great safety record while being done with record rain fall in the area during the start. (1200mm within 2   months) See more info here.

c) M1 Woolgoolga to Ballina Freeway 2016 to 2020. Our services carried out various sections of the M1. Some sections have just been opened up and we are so proud to have been involved in one of Australia largest ever projects. Our success with tier one companies and being consistent with safety while maintaining time frames is one the biggest achievements of our existence. For more information visit