Treemme 350B

350 B Justin Trev 28 oct 2015

BLAX is committed to improved technology and safety of the equipment. Utlising purpose built and factory made equipment is vital to the long term viability of the success on each project undertaken.

Purchasing the 2015 350 HP Treemme is the most recent aquisition to improve the company performance. This is the 1st 350B in Australia

See short sample video here:

Some benefits are as follows.

1. The 350 Treemme is full factory certified.

2. The operator cab is fitted with an air ride seat with airconditioning.

3. Cabin seat is always facing the mulcher. This is increased WHS due to the operator having clear veiw of the vegetation and work area and that the operator does not have to turn over there shoulder to see what the mulcher is doing. This will minimise any operator spinal issues or long term worker injuries.

4. Fitted with Protective Structure (ROPS FOPS), rear veiw mirrors,  lights and road worthy indicators and bullet proof windows.

5. Bio Degradable Hydraulic Oil for sensitive work sites

This is the 2015 Treemme 350 HP

Trevor without a beard Treemme 350B Trevor Crisp Employee 14 Years service