Various attachments available. Harvester Head/Mulcher head/Grab/GP/Tilt/Ripper

Hidromek with grab Hidromek Forest Guarded Excavator with Harvester Head




20161226_102214 30Tonne Excavator 2018 Hitachi

250 Volvo at work Volvo 250 DL in action

The excavators are fitted with mine specifications such as ROPS/FOPS/Estops/Fire Ex/Rails/Burst Valves and operator comforts such as hands free UHF radio for un interrupted communications

1) Hitachi 2018 290-5 Grab- GP – Tilt- Skeleton – Ripper (2017) Mine spec. Bluetooth Phone, Wireless UHF (weight 30 tonnes)

2) VOLVO EC 250DL 2015 with grab/GP/Tilt Mud/Ripper (2016) Mine Spec (weight 27 tonnes)

3) Hidromek 300 2019 with forest guards, harvester head, grab and mine spec. Weight is 33 tonnes